The sheer range of potential incidents and emergencies that can disrupt or even stop production are increasing. If managed correctly then not all of these incidents will become critical or be classed as a crisis, but those that result in increased losses or put increased demand upon the organization will have serious consequences for the company, the shareholders and stakeholders or the country itself badly damaging the reputation of all those involved in the response. These courses will teach you that meeting this commitment involves more than just being fully prepared.

Advanced Emergency Management Training Exercise
& Assessment Training Programme

Target Audience

The course is intended for appointed emergency managers and prospective professionals transferring from another discipline to emergency management.

Aim & Objectives

To enhance delegates knowledge / skills in emergency management.

By the end of this session, the delegate will have the following:

  • Understanding and application of Emergency Management Manual
  • Gain confidence in ability to develop credible exercises and scenarios for the
    ER Teams; and
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of response priorities and