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PDO-HSE Level 2

PDO-HSE Level 2 Section 2
01-PDO-L2-OTI Authorised Gas Tester (AGT)
02-PDO-L2-OTI Authorised Gas Tester Scheduled Recertification (AGTR)
03-PDO-L2-OTI Chemical Handling Awareness for Supervisors (CHAS)
04-PDO-L2-OTI Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material for Supervisors (NORMS)
05-PDO-L2-OTI NORM for Supervisors scheduled Recertification (NORMSR)
06-PDO-L2-OTI HSE Incident Investigation (HII)
07-PDO-L2-OTI HSE Leadership for Frontline Supervisors (HSELFS)
08-PDO-L2-OTI HSE Leadership for Frontline Supervisors Refresher (HSELFSR)
09-PDO-L2-OTI HSE Leadership for Management (HSELM)
10-PDO-L2-OTI HSE Leadership for Management scheduled Recertification (HSELMR)
11-PDO-L2-OTI Permit to Work Holders (PTWH)
12-PDO-L2-OTI Permit to Work Holders scheduled Recertification (PTWHR)
13-PDO-L2-OTI Permit to Work Signatories (PTWS)
14-PDO-L2-OTI Permit to Work Signatories scheduled Recertification (PTWSR)
15-PDO-L2-OTI Permit to Work Auditors (PTWA)
16-PDO-L2-OTI Permit to Work Auditors scheduled Recertification (PTWAR)
17-PDO-L2-OTI Safety Leadership for Executives (SLE)

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