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PDO-HSE Level 1

PDO-HSE Level 1 Section 1
01-PDO-L1-OTI HSE Orientation for Non-Supervisory Staff (ORTNS)
02-PDO-L1-OTI HSE Orientation for Supervisory Staff (ORTS)
03-PDO-L1-OTI Chemical Handling – Dealing with the risk (CHA)
04-PDO-L1-OTI Chemical Handling Awareness Scheduled Recertification (CHAR)
05-PDO-L1-OTI Environmental Awareness (EA)
06-PDO-L1-OTI Self Contained Breathing Apparatus & Confined Space Rescue (SCBA)
07-PDO-L1-OTI SCBA & Confined Space Rescue Scheduled Recertification (SCBAR)
08-PDO-L1-OTI Staying alive in a H2S environment (H2S)
09-PDO-L1-OTI Staying alive in a H2S environment scheduled Recertification (H2SR)
10-PDO-L1-OTI Conducting Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
11-PDO-L1-OTI Fire Warden responsibilities (FW)
12-PDO-L1-OTI Process Safety – your role to play (PSO)
13-PDO-L1-OTI Working with Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORMA)

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