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Working at Heights & Rescue

Working at Heights & Rescue Section 8
04-WHR-OTI HSM1 Module – Height Safety Equipment Appreciation & Inspection
05-WHR-OTI HSM2 Module – Practical Use of Personal Fall Protection Equipment
06-WHR-OTI HSM3 Module – Occasional Industrial Climber
07-WHR-OTI HSM4 Module – Advanced Industrial Climber
08-WHR-OTI HSM5A Module – Gotcha Kit Rescue Training
09-WHR-OTI HSM5B Module- Shark Rescue Training
10-WHR-OTI HSM5C Module – CRD Kit Rescue Training

Planning for fall protection plays an important role in safety in any industry where workers are at height. While companies may understand the importance of having a plan and equipment in place, many fail to fully address the issue of escape from heights and/or rescue after a fall has occurred.

When things go wrong when working at height, no matter if it is 10 or even 300 feet in the air, it’s too late to fine-tune your rescue plan. You have just minutes to rescue a worker before suspension trauma can occur. Research indicates that suspension in a fall arrest device can result in unconsciousness, followed by death, in less than 30 minutes.

Learning Outcomes of Working at Height Rescue training

By the end of the course, participant will understand use of rescue kit in a variety of locations and to rescue a casualty who has fallen from a platform. They will also learn and understand the measures to prevent fall from heights at the first place. This course also helps to create an awareness of the dangers at the construction sites and enable workers to understand following:

  • The hierarchy of controls when carrying out work at height legislation
  • Understand emergency preparedness and rescue provision
  • Understand the implications of suspension trauma and the importance of rescue provision
  • Use of self-relief technique during harness suspension trauma situations
  • Harness inspection and fitness
  • Demonstrate casualty management and the application of temporary aids
  • Using of Rescue Kit
  • Simulated rescue of a suspended casualty using a rescue kit

Who can take the Working at Height Rescue training?

  • Workers who will be part of a first response rescue team.
  • This course is ideal for construction workers, scaffolders and facilities maintenance engineers.
  • Others that require a practical enhancement to the Work-At-Height Course for Worker/Supervisor.

Benefits of Working at Height Rescue training

Thoughtful fall protection escape, and rescue planning must be top priority for organizations with workers at any height. With advance planning, user-friendly escape & rescue equipment and procedures after a fall can save lives. This training helps you develop a plan to ensure the safest operation possible for the benefit of your workers working at height.

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