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Vocational Training Courses

Vocational Training Courses Section 11
01-VC-OTI OTI Approved HSE Foundation Course
02-VC-OTI OTI Approved HSE Supervisor Course

OTI offers short and long work related technical and vocational training courses. The short courses are either off-the-shelf or designed to meet the employer’s priorities.

The long courses prepare employees to embark on careers in specific trades and crafts at various levels.

Our accredited courses provide a “Career Pathway” for learners to progress from entry level qualifications to level 3 and onwards to degree levels in their chosen career skills.

All our courses are designed and delivered to international accredited standards and are adaptable for the Omani market requirements and conditions.


  • Our technical and vocational training programs provide businesses and contractors with the right knowledge and skills in working in any sector that has safety as a top priority in the working environment.

Clients benefit from our expertise in:

  • Safety standards and procedures
  • Staff training and competence development

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